Frequently Asked Questions: Manuscript Proofreading Company

English Language Editing
Thursday, November 12, 2015

Who are you?
We are “Language Editing Service” division of ViNaNiE Publishers

What is the qualification of Editors?
Our Language Editors are
Minimum Ph.D. degree holders and have vast post-doctoral experience in various top universities around the world
Native English speaker
Published extensively in esteemed SCI international journals
Well versed in multi-disciplinary articles
Qualified through internal language tests
Signed confidentiality agreement

What type of Services you offer?
Scientific Proofreading Service, Manuscript Writing Service, Scientific Illustration Service, Plagiarism Removal Service and PhD Thesis Editing Service for Scientific Manuscripts, Thesis and Reports. Refer the page "Services" for additional details

What type of works you edit?
Our service is available for all types of research-related text (Research articles, Reviews, Books, Theses, Reports, Project Proposals, etc.)

How long does it take for service?
We work around the clock and usually deliver in few days

What is your guarantee?
Publication is strongly depends on both content as well as language. So, we may not able to guarantee that you will be published after you use our services. However, we do guarantee that we will revise your manuscript for free of charge if it is rejected by a journal for reasons of English language alone.


How to submit my work?
Kindly use our submission tool to upload your manuscript. Alternatively, you can email your manuscript to
[email protected] ; [email protected]

What file formats do you accept?
For Scientific Proofreading Service, Manuscript Writing Service, Plagiarism Removal Service and PhD Thesis Editing Service
Microsoft word (doc or docx)
For Scientific Illustration Service, Graphical Abstracts and Video Abstracts
Any valid file
For Data Modeling
Microsoft excel (xls or xlsx) or Microsoft word (doc or docx)

How word counts are calculated?
We count manuscript words, by excluding Figures, Figure Captions, Tables, Table Captions and References.


How much is your service cost?
Kindly refer “Pricing” section.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept all credit/debit cards through Paypal. We also accept “Wire Transfer”

Do I receive an invoice after I upload my document?
Once our internal committee verified the file format and contents, the invoice and payment options will be emailed to your address immediately.

What information will be in the invoice?
The customer name, billing address and purchased service, invoice date, invoice number, name of the manuscript/work along with payment details will be in the invoice. If you need any alterations, our support team can customize your invoice for you.

Can I receive Language Editing Certificate?
Yes. We will provide Language Editing Certificate at free of cost from our Manuscript Proofreading Company.