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About this Journal
Journal of Environment and Biotechnology Research (ISSN 2455-0833) is an international
scientific journal that intends to publish high quality scientific report results. The journal
publishes original research on all fields of science and engineering related to environment and
The journal publishes Original Research Articles, Scientific Video Manuscripts, Review Papers,
Short Communications and Letters to the Editor.
All submitted manuscripts are subject to single-blind peer-review by two or three independent
and anonymous expert referees.
It is a No-Fee open access journal with free access to subscribers and general public.
Benefits to authors
Apart from free publication, we also provide many author benefits such as liberal copyright
policy and fast publication, etc. Some of the other benefits include
      •    No page/publication/processing charges
      •    Free access of journal to authors, researchers and general public
      •    No colour charges
      •    No page limits provided authors justify the usage of excessive pages
      •    No formatting required prior to provisional acceptance
      •    Certificate and honorarium will be issued for most-cited and most-downloaded articles
every year.
      •    The journal’s editorial support will work tirelessly to promote your work through social
media and blogs.
      •    DOI number for accepted manuscripts

Guide for authors
Please review the Instruction for authors for manuscript submission guidance.

Editor: Dr. K. Vijayaraghavan, M. Tech., Ph.D.
(See full editorial board)

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