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English Language Editing
Thursday, November 12, 2015
A good research paper should have novel findings and adequate discussion. However, editors, reviewers as well as readers give equal or even sometimes more importance to written English. Many high quality manuscripts are rejected solely based on poor or inadequate English. When researchers prepare their manuscript, they tend to focus on research and not on the fluency of written English. With ViNaNiE Language Editing Service, we make sure your manuscript is written in correct English and get the acceptance it deserves. For each manuscript, a skilled native English speaker in your subject area (minimum post-doctoral grade or higher) will be allotted. As a manuscript proofreading company, we offer Scientific Proofreading Service, Manuscript Writing Service, Scientific Editing Service, Plagiarism Removal Service, PhD Thesis Editing Service, etc.

The benefits of our service:

➣ High-quality specialists in your subject area
➣ Fast response
➣ Very affordable, cheapest (USD 155 for normal manuscripts up to 4000 words)
➣ Proof-reading certificate will be issued with the name of language editor