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Scientific Video Manuscript

Journal of Environment and Biotechnology Research (JEBR) proudly introduces “Scientific Video
Manuscript”, a first of its kind, to enable the researchers to publish their scientific findings in
Video format. There are other Scientific Video Journals that allow researchers to visualize their
experimental methods. However, JEBR takes further and convert the entire manuscript that
includes subject introduction, materials and methods, results and discussion along with
conclusions and future recommendations as Scientific Video. Our “Scientific Video Manuscript
enables the academicians/researchers to showcase their activities, innovative methodologies,
findings and discussions to wider audiences around the globe.

JEBR now invites authors to submit their manuscript in the following format to publish as
Scientific Video Manuscript

1. Preparation of Manuscript
Authors are expected to submit an original manuscript (typed in MSWORD 2003 or Later)
according to JEBR submission guidelines. The maximum length of the manuscript (including
references, figures and tables) is 10 pages (or 3000 words). Kindly send your manuscript directly
to the Editor (Dr. K. Vijayaraghavan) to the following E. mail address: [email protected];
[email protected]

2. Peer-review
All submitted manuscripts will undergo peer-review according to JEBR guidelines.

3. Text to Video (Scripting and Shooting)
Once the manuscript is accepted for publication, our experts will convert the manuscript into a
video script. After consultation and approval from authors, the script will be handed over to
professional videographers. As per the convenience of authors, the videographers will come to
authors’ laboratory and film the manuscript according to the approved script.
The raw footage along with voiceovers and other animations will be professionally edited
according to the approved script. The first draft will be send to authors for their approval and if
any corrections will be carried out before final Scientific Video.

4. Publication
The final “Scientific Video Manuscript” will be published in the next (upcoming) issue of JEBR.

View Demo “Scientific Video Manuscript
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