Tamil Journal of Science, Engineering and Technology
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About this Journal
We are proud to present an International Scientific Research Journal completely edited in Tamil
language for the first time. The journal titled as “Tamil Journal of Science, Engineering and
Technology”. This journal aims to bring together Tamil scientists/ research scholars/
academicians/ industrialists in various disciplines of Science, Engineering and Technology
around the world to publish their advanced results/findings for the welfare of Tamil research
This journal is a first of its kind and is aimed to impart basic understanding of recent research
findings and trends around the World to the local context. The journal is started with a basic
understanding that research ideas/ concepts will be better understood through native language.
It is often known that Tamil-medium based researchers suffer to understand the research
concept and methodology due to language barrier. Also, they often feel isolated from
international scientific community due to lack of advanced scientific literature in Tamil. This
can be eradicated by introducing a scientific journal in Tamil language. Therefore, for the
welfare for local research community, well-established researchers of Tamil origin as well as
those interested in Tamil language around the world are welcome to submit their research
review papers for publication in “Tamil Journal of Science, Engineering and Technology”.
Through this initiative, we can encourage young students to do their research via Tamil
language and also boost this beautiful language to next level.
This journal publishes only Research Review Articles in all disciplines of Science, Engineering
and Technology. The authors need to submit manuscript only in English, which will be reviewed
by our international reviewer panel. Based on reviewers’ suggestion, the authors will be invited
to submit revised manuscript along with their response to each reviewer. Then the editor may
take the final decision on acceptance. If accepted for publication, the manuscript in English will
be translated into Tamil by our esteemed translation team and it will be sent to authors for
language check and content correctness. After approval from authors, the manuscript will enter
the production process.
The journal provide many author benefits, such as
Free translation of manuscript from English to Tamil
No page/publication/processing charges
No colour charges
No page limits
Fast publication
Liberal copyright policy
Free softcopies of published paper
The journal’s editorial support will work tirelessly to promote your work through social
media and blogs.
Guide for authors
Please review the Instruction for authors for manuscript submission guidance.

Editor: Dr. K. Vijayaraghavan, M. Tech., Ph.D.
(See full editorial board)
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